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I am an artist working in many mediums, all of them focusing primarily on the outdoors, conservation/ecology, and wildlife themes.  I consider my practice and teaching of primitive living and survival skills as practiced by the original inhabitants of North America, to be one of the most challenging and most rewarding of my various artforms.

Group presentations, or more intensive seminars focusing on a single skill, are provided at a modest fee to increase the general public’s awareness of humanity’s imperative connection to Mother Earth and Her good health.  These presentations and seminars appeal to a very wide range of interests and age groups.  I am quite fond of stating that, “my programs appeal to youngsters from age 3 to 95!”

A typical presentation includes “working’ the crowd through a pre-Columbian history “living scenario”, complete with descriptions of our environments as they were then.  During a presentation I employ a broad array of personally made primitive tools and daily life items as visual aids, and for groups of thirty or less individuals there is frequent “hands-on” involvement for participants.   For example, the making of fire by friction, a skill nearly everyone can learn in one session, also illustrates the importance of plants, stones, bracket fungi, and much more.   It also leads the discussion quite naturally into the study and discussion of the importance and manufacture of cordage.

Every effort is made to accommodate the needs and desires of each individual group. Adaptability is one of the primary survival skills.  It is important to note that “good humor” is a crucial element of survival skills and these presentations lend themselves to a unique brand of comedy.  I also encourage a question and answer session in every presentation.  I am confident that every participant goes home with at least one new skill and much deeper understanding and respect for Mother Earth. Both Presentations and seminars are arranged through contact with the artist. Please see contact information below:

Ed Wentzler
2785 Rte 87 Hwy
Montoursville, PA  17754

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