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About the Artist:
Ed Wentzler

About the artist:

My name is Ed Wentzler.  Two of my earliest and fondest memories are of simple lessons my mother and father shared with me.  I remember my father showing me fallen autumn leaves one sunny October morning and explaining to me that each one came from a plant with its own special name.  My mother offered that I could learn of these things, and much more, reading books. At a very young age I discovered I could observe and learn, and that I loved doing so.  I cannot thank them enough for these, the very best of their many generous gifts.

As a rural farm lad with such capable tutors, I found myself easily captivated by the natural world that surrounded us.  I have come to recognize and respect Mother Earth as the Greatest Teacher of all.  I began “mid-life” to earnestly pursue my art as an expression of my love for nature and wildlife, and today I am a self- taught artist in many mediums. Simultaneously during this period, a lifelong fascination with and respect for Native American cultures --- as well as all primitive and indigenous cultures living “within” Mother Earth---led to an intense study of their clean and simple skills and philosophies.  I hope that the impact of those studies on my present work is as evident and awe-inspiring to those of you who drop by to visit, as it is to me…every single day of my life…

I handcraft an extensive array of art, jewelry, replicas, and collectibles, which represent what man’s “mind and hands” can create from readily available natural materials.  My interests, skills, and the resulting products span a time interval from the dawn of man to mid-eighteenth century.  Natural materials include bone, antler, horn, hoof, stone, gems, metal, leather, feather, fiber, and many beautiful woods of incredible diversity.  The art is happily and very patiently created with skills that include flintknapping and stone tool use, scrimshaw, carving, metalworking, inlay, and intarsia.  My production includes everything from “period correct” replications to exquisite one-of-a-kind jewelry, most of which is done by hand with the simplest of hand-made tools.

The workshop is a cornucopia of the natural world, mixed tastefully with the trappings of artisans and craftsmen.  It has been called a place of mystery and magic and has been likened to a busy and chaotic “northeastern native longhouse” by visitors.

Please enjoy your visit….


Ed Wentzler

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